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The Asia-Pacific Journal: Japan Focus
In-depth critical analysis of the forces shaping the Asia-Pacific...and the world.

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About the Asia-Pacific Journal

The Asia-Pacific Journal is a refereed open source electronic journal providing in-depth critical analysis of the forces shaping the Asia-Pacific . . . and the world. The journal surveys the geopolitics, economics, history, society, culture, international relations and forces for change in the modern and contemporary Asia-Pacific. Its articles are regularly reproduced and discussed on the internet at such sites as History News Network, The Asia Times, Nautilus, China Digital Times, China Dialogue, Yale Global and the China Beat. Our weekly Newsletter is also distributed weekly to readers of H-ASIA and H-Japan.

Statistics at a glance


The Journal is on its way to becoming among the most widely read sources on the Asia-Pacific region, with readership concentrated in North America, Western Europe, Australasia, and Asia. Our fully indexed archive contains 1,800 articles, and many of these continue to be read by individual readers and in courses, for months and years after publication. In May 2010, 138,000 unique visitors to the site made more than 200,000 visits, accessing more than 2 million pages and 7 million hits. Most articles are read by 10-15,000 readers within the first three months, and after a year, many have readerships in the range of 20,000 to 50,000. Our 3,600 subscribers, who receive a weekly Newsletter announcing and linking to an average of  three to seven new articles, include many faculty, researchers, and graduate students with interest in Asian Studies as well as many journalists, officials, NGO activists and people with business and other connections to, residence and experience in, the Asia-Pacific. Many more readers access the site through search engines such as Google and Yahoo as well as via Facebook and Twitter, reproduction of our Newsletter at H-Asia and H-Japan, and via other sites that reproduce our articles.

Who writes for The Asia-Pacific Journal?

Our authors include Charles Armstrong, Giovanni Arrighi, Geremie Barmé, Robert Brenner, Susan Brownell, Bruce Cumings, John Dower, Prasenjit Duara, Richard Falk, Linda Gordon, Hayashi Kyoko, Inoue Hisashi, Chalmers Johnson, Kang Sang Jung, Peter Katzenstein, Kim Dong-choon, Ben Kiernan, Paul Kramer, Walter LaFeber, Catherine Lutz, Gavan McCormack, Alfred McCoy, Katharine Moon, Tessa Morris-Suzuki, Oe Kenzaburo, Paik Nak-chung, Kenneth Pomeranz, Saskia Sassen, Peter Dale Scott, Miriam Silverberg, Vaclav Smil, J.J. Suh, Takahashi Tetsuya, Yuki Tanaka, Tawada Yoko, Tomiyama Ichiro, Wang Hui, Jeff Wasserstrom, Marilyn Young and Howard Zinn.

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