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The Asia-Pacific Journal: Japan Focus
In-depth critical analysis of the forces shaping the Asia-Pacific...and the world.
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1611 Alexis Dudden
1829 David Pilling
2053 Park Chung-a
1727 Gregory Clark
1638 David McNeill
2085 Uchihashi Katsuto
1844 Kamata Satoshi
1568 Kato Yasuko
1559 Yoshinaga Fusako, Gavan McCormack
1743 Arudou Debito
1935 Umehara Takeshi
2375 Nishioka Hideko
1560 Matsumoto Chie
2071 Amanda Suutari
1752 David McNeill
2079 Nicholas Eberstadt
2074 Hoyano Hatsuko
1775 Kamata Satoshi
1883 Shin Sugok
1841 Satoko KOGURE
1928 Nobumasa Tanaka
2004 Norio Minami
1680 Mark Selden
2028 Associated Press
1810 Mori Takemaro
1842 Nishida Yoshiaki, Ann Waswo
1634 Hazel Smith
1659 Kamata Satoshi
1720 David McNeill
1748 Andrew DeWit, Yukiko YAMAZAKI