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4258 Moe Taylor
4256 Hōjō Tamio, Kathryn M. Tanaka
4253 Peter Hayes
4252 Ran Zwigenberg
4251 Herbert P. Bix
4250 Gavan McCormack
4249 Tomomi Yamaguchi, Uemura Takashi
4248 Andrew DeWit
4247 Yoshimi Yoshiaki
4246 Tomoko Akami


What's Hot: Updated January 27, 2014  See the full list of Hots

Hyun Lee
A Korean American Housewife Confronts South Korea's National Security Law
Katherine Muzik TFear and Hope: The Henoko Base and the Future of Oura Bay
Michael Penn  The Yomiuri Shinbun Takes Pride in Its Shame: Expurgating Japan's "Sex Slaves" 読売新聞、誇りをもって恥をさらす 「性奴隷」への言及削除
Alexis Dudden Nominating Article 9 for the 2015 Nobel Peace Prize 憲法9条、2015年ノーベル平和賞推薦のために
C. Douglas Lummis The Bus to Henoko: Riot Police and Okinawan Citizens Face-off over New Marine Base
 辺野古へのバス 機動隊と沖縄県民、新海兵隊基地を前に対決
Uemura Takashi  Journalist Who Broke Comfort Women Story Files 16.5 million Yen Libel Suit Against Bungei Shunju: Uemura Takashi’s Speech to the Press 先駆的「慰安婦」報道の元朝日記者・植村氏、文藝春秋など名誉毀損で提訴 1650万円損害賠償請求

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