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20 Millisieverts for Children and Kosako Toshiso’s Resignation
May. 01, 2011:
児童を対象とした20ミリシーヴェルト基準と小佐古敏荘の内閣官房参与辞任 Cabinet radiation safety advisor Kosako Toshiso resigns.
David McNeill, Japan’s government faces looming crisis over ‘whack-a-mole’ nuclear policies
May. 01, 2011:
日本政府、「モグラ叩き」的核政策でのしかかる危機に直面する David McNeill reports from Fukushima City on residents' thoughts on the government's 20 millisievert limit for children.
Asia-Pacific Journal Feature, Another Appeal from Okinawa
Apr. 30, 2011:
沖縄よりもう一つの訴え The Okinawa Times adds its voice to the Ryukyu Shimpo appeal to move US bases out of Okinawa.
Save the Children: Radiation Exposure of Fukushima Students
Apr. 29, 2011:
子どもらを守らねばならない−−福島の生徒達の放射線基準 Outrage at the Japanese government's decision to approve 20 millisieverts of radiation exposure for Fukushima school children.
Okinawan Appeal to US Senate
Apr. 28, 2011:
米国上院への沖縄の訴え The Ryukyu Shinpo's English-language appeal to the Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee to reduce Okinawa's base burden.
Sato Eisaku's Warning
Apr. 23, 2011:
佐藤栄佐久の警告 David McNeill on how a warning from Fukushima’s ex-governor about Japan’s ‘nuclear absolutism’ was ignored, with tragic and devastating consequences.
Apr. 22, 2011:
R.ターガート・マーフィーの"Assessing the Economic Aftershocks of Japan’s March 11 Earthquake"の日本語訳
R Taggart Murphy, 3/11 and Japan: A Hinge of History?
Apr. 21, 2011:
3・11と日本−−歴史の一つのかなめ? R. Taggart Murphy on the consequences of the 3/11 earthquake, tsunami, and atomic crisis.
Japanese Energy Options After Fukushima
Apr. 14, 2011:
福島原発事故後の日本のエネルギー選択肢 A new report by the Nautilus Institute for Security and Sustainability looks at Japan's energy problems and prospects.
Why I love Japan even more since the earthquake
Apr. 13, 2011:
地震後なぜこれまで以上に日本を好きになったか David McNeill on Japan's strengths in the aftermath of disaster.
"Science" and "Nature" on Fukushima
Apr. 11, 2011:
「サイエンス」「ネイチャー」両誌における福島原発事故評価 A summary of the latest assessments of the Fukushima Daiichi crisis from leading journals "Science" and "Nature".
Unease or Untruth? – The Removal of Nakamura Koichiro
Apr. 10, 2011:
不安か不誠実か--中村幸一郎おろし Shukan Post reports that Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency bureaucrat Nakamura Koichiro was removed from press conferences for his early assertion that the Fukushima Daiichi plant was in meltdown.
Apr. 09, 2011:
ローレンス・ウィットナー[Lawrence Wittner]の"How Japan Learned About "Nuclear Safety": The Politics of Denial"の日本語訳
Apr. 09, 2011:
"TEPCO, Credibility, and the Japanese Crisis"の日本語訳
Fukushima Fallout Monitoring Needed
Apr. 08, 2011:
福島発放射性物質放出監視の必要性 By Arjun Makhijani -- More stringent, coordinated Fukushima fallout monitoring needed to determine radioactive iodine risk to U.S. milk and water
Leuren Moret, Japan's Deadly Game of Nuclear Roulette
Apr. 08, 2011:
日本の致死的核ルーレットゲーム By Leuren Moret -- We reintroduce a prophetic 2004 article that examined the many dangers of Japan's nuclear power production.
Back from the Brink
Apr. 07, 2011:
危機よりの帰還へ向けて David McNeill reports from Minami-Soma City -- As Japan’s government gets set to expand a nuclear evacuation area, the mayor of a city inside the radioactive zone speaks about his fears.
“Unforgivable” – TEPCO’s Plan to Add Reactors in Fukushima
Apr. 04, 2011:
「許せない」−−東京電力の福島原子炉増設計画 In the midst of one of the most serious nuclear crises in history, the Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) has submitted plans to build two more reactors in Fukushima.
Matthew Penney, Bodies in Fukushima
Apr. 02, 2011:
福島における遺体 Radiation from the Fukushima Daiichi plant has left authorities unable to recover the bodies of up to 1000 quake and tsunami victims.
SOS from Minami Soma City
Apr. 01, 2011:
南相馬市よりSOS The mayor of Minami Soma, one of the cities closest to the Fukushima Daiichi plant, has posted vidoes appealing to the Japanese government and international community for supplies and evacuation assistance.
Arjun Makhijani, Light and Water in Fukushima
Mar. 29, 2011:
福島第一原発のタービン建屋の水と照明について Institute for Energy and Environmental Research (IEER) head Arjun Makhijani offers suggestions for how to move forward at the stricken Fukushima Daiichi plant.
Heroes or Victims? - The "Fukushima Fifty"
Mar. 28, 2011:
英雄か犠牲者か−−”福島の五十人” Are the workers at the Fukushima plant sacrificing their health and possibly their lives for company and country? Or are they older contract workers without adequate food or even blankets?
In the Shadow of Japan’s Wounded Nuclear Beast
Mar. 27, 2011:
原子力発電所という手負いの獣の陰で David McNeill reports from Fukushima on the plight of those left behind near the stricken Daiichi plant.
“Long Since Passed the Level of Three Mile Island” – The Fukushima Crisis in Comparative Perspective
Mar. 25, 2011:
「スリーマイル島をはるかに超えるレヴェル」−−比較的観点から見た福島の危機 International scientific organizations sound in on the seriousness of the Fukushima crisis. Latest Update - 3.27 (Japan Time)
Fukushima: The Situation on the Ground  福島ーー現地の状況
Mar. 24, 2011:
A collection of reports on the ongoing crisis at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant. LATEST UPDATE 3.25 (Japan Time)
Lawrence S. Wittner, How Japan Learned About "Nuclear Safety": The Politics of Denial
Mar. 24, 2011:
Lawrence W. Wittner considers the history of nuclear weapons and nuclear power in Japan.
Assessing the Economic Aftershocks of Japan’s March 11 Earthquake  日本の3.11地震の経済的余波を評価する
Mar. 22, 2011:
R. Taggart Murphy considers the global economic repercussions of Japan's earthquake and tsunami damage.
Outpouring of International Support for Japan  日本を支える声、各国よりほとばしる
Mar. 21, 2011:
In the aftermath of the March 11 quake, a dramatic outpouring of international support for Japan. LATEST UPDATE - 3.30 (Japan Time)
Reports from Tohoku: Assessing Death, Dislocation, and Flight of the Victims  東北より−−被害者の死亡、退去、離散の算定
Mar. 20, 2011:
An assessment of the difficulties facing survivors in Japan's earthquake and tsunami hit Tohoku region. LATEST UPDATE 3.30 (Japan Time)
TEPCO, Credibility, and the Japanese Crisis
Mar. 16, 2011:
Criticism of the TEPCO (Tokyo Electric Power Company) response to Japan's nuclear crisis recalls a history of misinformation and deception.