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Jeff Kingston
Testy Team Abe Pressures Media in Japan
Kumano Katsuyuki Looking at Flaws in the Henoko Landfill Permit Process from the Standpoint of the Right to Self-determination
Ota Masakatsu and Steve Rabson

U.S. Veterans Reveal 1962 Nuclear Close Call Dodged in Okinawa 核戦争危機一髪かわし 米退役軍人明かす

Sunagawa Maki and Daniel Broudy Balloons and Tape as Hate Speech: American and Japanese Rightwing Responses to the Okinawan Anti-Base Movement ヘイトスピーチとしての風船とテープ 沖縄反基地運動に対するアメリカ、日本の右派の対応
Nakazawa Yudai and Steve Rabson Okinawa and disaster-struck Tohoku region sacrificed for Tokyo 沖縄と被災地東北は中央の犠牲となった
ARUDOU Debito and Herbert Ziegle  Japanese Government Pressures American Publisher to Delete Textbook Treatment of Wartime Sexual Slavery: An Interview with Herbert Ziegler 日本政府、米教科書出版社に「戦時生奴隷制」についての件、削除を要求 ハーバート・ジーグラー氏に聞く

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