Recent Articles The Wired Seas of Asia: China, Japan, the US and Australia Vietnam: Okinawa's Forgotten War Testy Team Abe Pressures Media in Japan Jeff Kingston on Castern Germis' account of the Abe government's campaign of media harrasment. Islam, a Forgotten Holocaust, and American Historical Amnesia Illusions of Self: The Life and Poetry of Ishikawa Takuboku Looking at Flaws in the Henoko Landfill Permit Process from the Standpoint of the Right to Self-determination Kumano Katsuyuki on the Okianwan right to self-determination. With an introduction by Satoko Oka Norimatsu. The March 2015 Bombings of Yunnan and the Decline in Sino-Myanmar Relations Repatriation But Not “Return”: A Japanese Brazilian Dekasegi Goes Back to Brazil U.S. Veterans Reveal 1962 Nuclear Close Call Dodged in Okinawa Ota Masakatsu's account of an erroneous order to launch nuclear missiles in Okinawa during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Juche in the United States: The Black Panther Party’s Relations with North Korea, 1969-1971 アメリカにおけるチュチェ(主体性)思想 ブラック・パンサー党と北朝鮮、1969-1971 Womenomics for Japan: is the Abe policy for gendered employment viable in an era of precarity? 日本にとってのウーマノミクス 安部政権、雇用政策のジェンダー化はプレカリアートの時代に実現可能か Balloons and Tape as Hate Speech: American and Japanese Rightwing Responses to the Okinawan Anti-Base Movement Sunagawa Maki and Daniel Broudy on attempts to brand Okinawa protests "hate speech". The Asia-Pacific War and the Failed Second Anglo-Japanese Civilian Exchange, 1942-45 アジア太平洋戦争と実現しなかった第二次英日残留民間人の交換 Okinawa and disaster-struck Tohoku region sacrificed for Tokyo Nakazawa Yudai on Okinawan novelist Ōshiro Tatsuhiro and themes of inequality and sacrifice in Japan's current political system. With an introduction by Steve Rabson. Japan's 1968: A Collective Reaction to Rapid Economic Growth in an Age of Turmoil 日本の1968 混乱期の高度成長への共同体的反応 “All Japan” versus “All Okinawa” - Abe Shinzo’s Military-Firstism 「オール・ジャパン」対「オール沖縄」 安倍晋三の軍事最優先主義 Horses, Horses, In the Innocence of Light 古川日出男『馬たちよ、それでも光は無垢で』より抜粋 The Greening of China's Black Electric Power System? Insights from 2014 Data 中国のブラック電力発電がグリーン化?データから読む Africa and China's 21st Century Maritime Silk Road アフリカと中国 21世紀の海のシルクロード The Making of “A Body in Fukushima”: A Journey through an Ongoing Disaster 「福島の身体」の生成過程 進行中の災害を旅する