Recent Articles The Japan-China Confrontation Over the Senkaku/Diaoyu Islands – Between “shelving” and “dispute escalation” Xi Jinping Visits Seoul: The Bigger Picture After the Deluge: Tsunami and the Great Wall of Japan Social Protest in Imperial Japan: The Hibiya Riot of 1905 帝国日本における社会的抗議行動 1905年の日比谷焼打事件 The Extraordinary Story of the Komagata Maru: Commemorating the One Hundred Year Challenge to Canada’s Immigration Colour Bar So Happy to See Cherry Blossoms: Haiku from the Year of the Great Earthquake and Tsunami Abe and Abbot Out under Australia's Midday Sun 豪州の炎天下に立つ安倍とアボット Andrew DeWit on Abe's Australia visit. Japan's Collective Self-Defense and American Strategic Policy: Everything Starts from the US-Japan Alliance 日本の集団的自衛権と米国の戦略的政策  すべての元凶は「日米同盟」にあり Magosaki Ukeru on the Japan-US alliance, collective self-defense, and tensions with China.  日本の集団的自衛権と米国の戦略的政策  すべての元凶は「日米同盟」にあり Remembering Biowarfare Unit 731 Through Musical Activism: A Performance of the Choral Work The Devil’s Gluttony 音楽活動をとうして生物兵器731部隊を思い浮かべる 合唱組曲「悪魔の飽食」のコンサート Urgent Situation at Okinawa's Henoko and Oura Bay: Base Construction Started on Camp Schwab 辺野古と大浦湾、緊急事態 キャンプ・シュワブで基地建設始まる Hideki Yoshikawa on the Camp Schwab construction and its consequences for Okinawa. Self-immolation Protests PM Abe Overturning Japan’s Pacifist Postwar Order 焼身行為で抗議 安倍総理に覆された平和主義に基づく戦後秩序 Jeff Kingston on protests against PM Abe's push for "collective self-defense". What Role for Nuclear Power in Japan’s Future? 日本の未来、原発はいかなる役割を担うべき Zen Masters on the Battlefield (Part II) 戦場の禅師(下) Sports, Motherhood, and the Female Body in Contemporary Japan 現代日本におけるスポーツ、母性、女性の身体 Border Crossing Into Tiananmen Square; still under lockdown twenty-five years on 天安門広場への越境 25年後、いまだに封鎖状態 From Cold War Thaws to the Arctic Thaw: The Changing Arctic and Its Security Implications for East Asia 冷戦解凍から北極圏解凍へ 東アジア安全保障にとっての意義 Architect Kuma Kengo: ‘a product of place’ 場所」 が生み出した建築家 隈研吾 The Sloppy Realities of 3.11 in Shiriagari Kotobuki’s Manga しりあがり寿がマンガで描く3.11のぞんざいな現実 The Manga “Oishinbo” Controversy: Radiation and Nose Bleeding in the Wake of 3.11 「美味しんぼ」論争 3.11以降の放射線と鼻血 The Korean “Cinema of Assimilation” and the Construction of Cultural Hegemony in the Final Years of Japanese Rule 日本統治下最晩年の韓国における「同化のシネマ」と文化的ヘゲモニーの構築