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William Underwood


William Underwood, a faculty member at Kurume Institute of Technology and a Japan Focus coordinator, completed his doctorate at Kyushu University on forced labor in wartime Japan.

ID Author Title
4333 Mark Siemons, William Underwood
Island of Horror: Gunkanjima and Japan’s Quest for UNESCO World Heritage Status 恐怖の島」 日本、軍艦島をユネスコ世界遺産に
4332 William Underwood
History in a Box: UNESCO and the Framing of Japan’s Meiji Era 「箱入り」歴史 ユネスコと明治期の位地づけ
3387 William Underwood
Redress Crossroads in Japan: Decisive Phase in Campaigns to Compensate Korean and Chinese Wartime Forced Laborers  日本に置ける是正の岐路ーー朝鮮中国戦時強制労働者補償への運動の決定的局面
3348 William Underwood, Hankyoreh
Recent Developments in Korean-Japanese Historical Reconciliation  コリア日本歴史的和解における最近の展開
3303 William Underwood, Kim Hyo Soon, Kil Yun Hyung
Remembering and Redressing the Forced Mobilization of Korean Laborers by Imperial Japan 日帝による朝鮮人労働者の強制動員を記憶にとどめ是正する方向
3256 William Underwood, Kang Jian, Arimitsu Ken
Assessing the Nishimatsu Corporate Approach to Redressing Chinese Forced Labor in Wartime Japan
2689 William Underwood
New Era for Japan-Korea History Issues: Forced Labor Redress Efforts Begin to Bear Fruit
2537 William Underwood
The Aso Mining Company in World War II: History & Japan's Would-Be Premier. Japanese Translation available
2515 William Underwood, Korean Overseas Information Service
Hundreds of Ethnic Koreans from Sakhalin to Return Home: A Colonial legacy
2432 William Underwood
Proof of POW Forced Labor for Japan's Foreign Minister: The Aso Mines (Japanese Translation available)
2369 William Underwood, Kang Jian
Japan's Top Court Poised to Kill Lawsuits by Chinese War Victims
2225 William Underwood
Names, Bones and Unpaid Wages (2): Seeking Redress for Korean Forced Labor
2219 William Underwood
Names, Bones and Unpaid Wages (1): Reparations for Korean Forced Labor in Japan
2187 William Underwood
NHK's Finest Hour: Japan's Official Record of Chinese Forced Labor
2182 William Underwood, H Matsubara
Japan Foreign Minister's Visit to POW Remembrance Service Backfires
2171 William Underwood
War Responsibility in a Japanese College Classroom
2011 Shimbun Asahi, William Underwood
Minamata Disease at Fifty
1823 William Underwood
Mitsubishi, Historical Revisionism and Japanese Corporate Resistance to Chinese Forced Labor Redress
1693 William Underwood
Chinese Forced Labor, the Japanese Government and the Prospects for Redress
1636 William Underwood
The Japanese Court, Mitsubishi and Corporate Resistance to Chinese Forced Labor Redress (Japanese translation available))
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