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R Taggart Murphy

R. Taggart Murphy is Professor in the MBA Program in International Business, Graduate School of Business Sciences, at the University of Tsukuba's Tokyo Campus. A former investment banker, Murphy has also taught in the College of International Studies and the Graduate School of International Political Economy at Tsukuba University's main campus and was a Non-Resident Senior Visiting Fellow at the Brookings Institution. He is the author of The Weight of the Yen (W.W. Norton, 1996) named by Business Week as one of the ten best business books of 1996 and, with Akio Mikuni of Japan's Policy Trap (Brookings, 2002), voted the best professional and scholarly book of 2002 in the economics category by the American Association of Publishers. His articles have appeared in the Harvard Business Review, the New Left Review, the London Review of Books, the National Interest, and Fortune among others.

ID Author Title
3731 R Taggart Murphy, Michael Pettis
Japan's Debt disaster and China's (Non)Rebalancing: Stormy seas ahead?  日本の赤字災害と中国の不均衡是正(なし)−−海はこれから荒れ模様に?
3439 R Taggart Murphy
Japan As Number One in the Global Economic Crisis: Lessons for the World? 世界的経済危機において先頭に立つ日本ーー世界への教訓は?
3425 R Taggart Murphy
A Loyal Retainer? Japan, capitalism, and the perpetuation of American hegemony 義士?日本、資本主義、米国覇権の永続化
3265 R Taggart Murphy
In the Eye of the Storm: Updating the Economics of Global Turbulence, An Introduction to Robert Brenner's update    台風の目の中でーー世界的動揺の経済、ロバート・ブレナーによる新対応への手引き
3255 R Taggart Murphy
Is Japan Headed for a Fiscal Doomsday?
3253 R Taggart Murphy
Before Sunrise: Will Obama seize a rare opportunity for change in U.S.-Japan relations?
3200 R Taggart Murphy
The Financial Crisis and the Tectonic Shifts in the US-Japan Relationship
3175 R Taggart Murphy
Will East Asia Rule the World Economy? Economic and Financial Lessons from the 1970s
3131 R Taggart Murphy
Rethinking the Lessons for the US and the World of Japan's 1990s Economic Collapse: Finance Capital and the State
2931 R Taggart Murphy
Asia and the Meltdown of American Finance
2790 R Taggart Murphy
The Keiretsu and the Japanese Economy
2678 R Taggart Murphy
New Asian Drivers, Japan, Korea and the Lessons of History
2208 R Taggart Murphy
East Asia's Dollars
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