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In-depth critical analysis of the forces shaping the Asia-Pacific...and the world.
Matthew Penney

Matthew Penney is an Assistant Professor at Concordia University in Montreal and a Japan Focus associate. He is currently conducting research on popular representations of war in Japan. His dissertation, entitled "Victims and Victimizers - Representations of War in Japanese Popular Culture," is concerned with Japanese historical memory and popular attempts to deal with war crimes and aggression from the 1950s to the present day.  He is the author of a number of articles, including "Rising Sun, Iron Cross - Military German in Japanese Popular Culture," Japanstudien, Vol. 17 (2005); and "Far From Oblivion - The Nanking Massacre in Japanese Popular Writing for Children and Young Adults," Holocaust and Genocide Studies (forthcoming).

What's Hot
ID Author Title
189 Matthew Penney
Miyazaki Hayao and the Asia-Pacific War 宮崎駿とアジア太平洋戦争
188 Matthew Penney
Public Opinion and the July 21 Election
183 Matthew Penney
Abe and History - The Kobayashi Yoshinori Interview 安倍晋三の歴史認識—小林よしのりとの対談
181 Matthew Penney
“Racists Go Home!”, “Go Crawl Back to the Net!” – Anti-Racism Protestors Confront the Zaitokukai レイシストは帰れ!」、「ネットに這って戻れ!」在特会に立ち向かう反レイシズム活動
176 Matthew Penney
"Human Dogs", Aida Makoto, and the Mori Art Museum Controversy 「犬人間」、会田誠、そして森美術館問題
170 Matthew Penney
The Abe Cabinet - An Ideological Breakdown 安倍内閣 所属団体を通してのイデオロギー的分析
156 Matthew Penney
Neo-nationalists Target Barefoot Gen
153 Matthew Penney
Summer Nuclear Plant Restarts and Japanese Public Opinion
135 Matthew Penney
Japan's Green Energy Push
133 Matthew Penney
The Fukushima Anniversary: Japanese Press Reactions  福島一周年−−日本の報道機関の対応
130 Matthew Penney
Nuclear Power and Shifts in Japanese Public Opinion  原子力発電と日本における世論の推移
123 Matthew Penney
Business as Usual - Controversy Flares Over Japanese Nuclear Exports  平常通り営業−−日本の核輸出をめぐって論争高まる
112 Matthew Penney
Contamination Outside Fukushima  福島の範囲を超える汚染
102 Matthew Penney
The Voices of Ten Million: Anti-Nuclear Petition Movement Launched in Japan  千万人の声−−反原子力陳情運動、日本で始まる
100 Matthew Penney
Nuclear Workers and Fukushima Residents at Risk: Cancer Expert on the Fukushima Situation  原発作業員と福島住民のさらされる危険−−ガン専門家の福島観
97 Matthew Penney
Okinawa’s Fukushima Connection: Nuclear Workers at Risk  沖縄の福島とのつながり−−原発作業員no
94 Matthew Penney
Songs for Fukushima  福島のための歌数曲
74 Matthew Penney
"Science" and "Nature" on Fukushima
73 Matthew Penney
Unease or Untruth? – The Removal of Nakamura Koichiro
67 Matthew Penney
“Unforgivable” – TEPCO’s Plan to Add Reactors in Fukushima
65 Matthew Penney
Bodies in Fukushima
61 Matthew Penney
Heroes or Victims? - The "Fukushima Fifty"
55 Matthew Penney
Outpouring of International Support for Japan  日本を支える声、各国よりほとばしる
54 Matthew Penney
Reports from Tohoku: Assessing Death, Dislocation, and Flight of the Victims  東北より−−被害者の死亡、退去、離散の算定
39 Matthew Penney
The NHK Comfort Women Documentary -- 10 Years Later