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The Asia-Pacific Journal: Japan Focus
In-depth critical analysis of the forces shaping the Asia-Pacific...and the world.
Mark Selden

Mark Selden is a Senior Research Associate in the East Asia Program at Cornell University, a Coordinator of The Asia-Pacific Journal: Japan Focus, and Bartle Professor of History and Sociology at Binghamton University. A specialist on the modern and contemporary geopolitics, political economy and history of China, Japan and the Asia Pacific, he was a founding member of the Committee of Concerned Asian Scholars in the 1960s and was for more than thirty years an editor of The Bulletin of Concerned Asian Scholars.


His books, listed below, are available at your local bookstore and from Amazon:

Mark is also responsible for the "Economic Nationalism and Regionalism in Contemporary East Asia" chapter in Anthony P. D’Costa's, ed., Globalization and Economic Nationalism in Asia, Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2012.


He is the editor of book series at Rowman & Littlefield, Routledge, and M.E. Sharpe publishers.

His personal page is

He can be contacted through email:

ID Author Title
4372 Jenny Chan, Pun Ngai, Mark Selden
Interns or Workers? China’s Student Labor Regime
4093 Pun Ngai, Jenny Chan, Mark Selden, Lu Huilin, Guo Yuhua, Shen Yuan
Worker-Intellectual Unity: Suicide, trans-border sociological intervention, and the Foxconn-Apple connection 労働者、インテリゲンチャ共闘 国境を越える社会学的介入と富士康・アップル社の連携
4065 Mark Selden
Bombs Bursting in Air: State and citizen responses to the US firebombing and Atomic bombing of Japan あぁ、宙に響きわたる爆音 米国の空襲、原爆投下に対する国家と市民の反応
4061 Yabuki Susumu, Mark Selden
The Origins of the Senkaku/Diaoyu Dispute between China, Taiwan and Japan 中・台・日における尖閣・魚釣問題の起源
3981 Mark Selden, Pun Ngai, Jenny Chan
The politics of global production: Apple, Foxconn and China's new working class グローバル生産の政治学 アップル、富士康と中国における新労働者階級
3848 Mark Selden
Economic Nationalism and Regionalism in Contemporary East Asia  現代東アジアの経済的国家主義と地方主義
3615 Mark Selden, Aileen Mioko Smith
Bringing the Plight of Fukushima Children to the UN, Washington and the World  福島の子供たちの現状を国連・ワシントン・世界へ
3609 Mark Selden, Chris Busby
Fukushima Children at Risk of Heart Disease  福島の子供たちの心臓疾患
3535 Mark Selden, Matthew Penney
What Price the Fukushima Meltdown? Comparing Chernobyl and Fukushima  福島の炉心溶融とは?チェルノブイリ・福島の比較
3520 Mark Selden
Small Islets, Enduring Conflict: Dokdo, Korea-Japan Colonial Legacy and the United States  小さな島、長続きする葛藤−−日朝の植民地時代よりの遺物と米国
3480 Mark Selden, Wu Jieh-min
The Chinese State, Incomplete Proletarianization and Structures of Inequality in Two Epochs  中国国家、不完全なプロレタリア化、二つの時期における不平等の構造
3468 Gavan McCormack, Mark Selden, Satoko Norimatsu
New Year 2011, Okinawa and the Future of East Asia  2011年 年明け、沖繩、東アジアの将来
3465 Mark Selden, Tessa Morris-Suzuki, Kiyohito Kokita
Ko Tae Mun, Ko Chung Hee, and the Osaka Family Origins of North Korean Successor Kim Jong Un  高太文、高英姫、北朝鮮後継者金成恩の大阪の家系
3440 Mark Selden
Electronic Publication and the Critical Intellectual in the Post-Print Era: An Asia-Pacific Perspective  電子出版と印刷文化後の批判的知識人−−アジア太平洋の一展望 •Korean translation available
3422 Mark Selden
Nation, Region and the Global in East Asia: Conflict and Cooperation 東アジアにおける国家、宗教、世界性−−対立と協力
3349 Mark Selden, Karoline Postel-Vinay
History on Trial: French Nippon Foundation Sues Scholar for Libel to Protect the Honor of Sasakawa Ryōichi  試される歴史——フランコ日本財団、笹川良一の名誉を守るために学者を中傷のかどで起訴 •French, Japanese documents available
3343 Richard Minear, Mark Selden
Misunderstanding Hiroshima  広島を誤解する
3313 Mark Selden, Kim Dong-choon
South Korea's Embattled Truth and Reconciliation Commission  困難に直面する韓国真実和解委員会
3173 Mark Selden, Yoshiko Nozaki
Japanese Textbook Controversies, Nationalism, and Historical Memory: Intra- and Inter-national Conflicts
3105 Mark Selden
China's Way Forward? Historical and Contemporary Perspectives on Hegemony and the World Economy in Crisis
3061 Mark Selden
East Asian Regionalism and its Enemies in Three Epochs: Political Economy and Geopolitics, 16th to 21st Centuries
2892 Mark Selden
Japan, the United States and Yasukuni Nationalism: War, Historical Memory and the Future of the Asia Pacific
2866 Mark Selden, Rüdiger Frank, Y J Oh
The Coming Crisis in Finance and Energy: Korea as a solution for East Asia?
2724 Mark Selden
Japanese and American War Atrocities, Historical Memory and Reconciliation: World War II to Today
2496 Mark Selden, Arjun Makhijani
Carbon-Free and Nuclear-Free: A Roadmap for U.S. Energy Policy
2414 Mark Selden
A Forgotten Holocaust: US Bombing Strategy, the Destruction of Japanese Cities & the American Way of War from World War II to Iraq
2329 Mark Selden, C.K. Lee
China's Durable Inequality: Legacies of Revolution and Pitfalls of Reform
2204 Mark Selden
Nationalism, Historical Memory & Contemporary Conflicts in the Asia Pacific: the Yasukuni Phenomenon, Japan, and the United States
2190 Mark Selden
The Future of Korea: An Asia-Pacific Perspective
2043 Mark Selden
Living With the Bomb: The Atomic Bomb in Japanese Consciousness
1992 David McNeill, Mark Selden
Asia Battles Over War History: The legacy of the Pacific War looms over Tokyo's plans for the future
1943 Mark Selden
Remembering 'The Good War': The Atomic Bombing and the Internment of Japanese-Americans in U.S. History Textbooks
1680 Mark Selden
Marine Major Convicted of Molestation on Okinawa
1655 Mark Selden, Robert G. Kane
Pacific Terrorism: An Exchange on War and Terror
1647 Mark Selden
Notes From Ground Zero: Power, Equity and Postwar Reconstruction in Two Eras
1616 Mark Selden
Nagasaki 1945: While Independents Were Scorned, Embed Won Pulitzer (Japanese translation available)
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