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Lawrence Repeta

Lawrence Repeta is a professor on the law faculty of Meiji University in Tokyo. He has served as a lawyer, business executive, and law professor in Japan and the United States. He is best known in Japan as the plaintiff in a landmark suit decided by the Supreme Court of Japan in 1989 that opened Japan`s courts to note-taking by courtroom spectators. He serves on the board of directors of Information Clearinghouse Japan (情報公開クリアリングハウス) (, an NGO devoted to promoting open government in Japan and is affiliated with other organizations that promote individual rights. He has been awarded an Abe Fellowship by the Center for Global Partnership to conduct research at the National Security Archive, a non-profit research institute located at George Washington University ( His guide to Japan’s information disclosure movement is available at His article “Reserved Seats on Japan’s Supreme Court” was published in the Washington University Law Journal and is available at ( He is author of “Limiting Fundamental Rights Protection in Japan – the Role of the Supreme Court,” in Critical Issues in Contemporary Japan, edited by Jeff Kingston (Routledge, forthcoming).

ID Author Title
4335 Lawrence Repeta
Japan’s Proposed National Security Legislation — Will This Be the End of Article 9? 国家安全保障基本法案 九条の終焉か
4086 Lawrence Repeta
Japan’s 2013 State Secrecy Act -- The Abe Administration’s Threat to News Reporting 2013年日本の特定秘密保護法 安部政権、報道に対する脅し
4011 Lawrence Repeta
A New State Secrecy Law for Japan? 新たな秘密保護法?
3969 Lawrence Repeta
­Japan’s Democracy at Risk – The LDP’s Ten Most Dangerous Proposals for Constitutional Change 危機に瀕する日本の民主主義 自民党憲法改正案、最も危険な10項目
3728 Lawrence Repeta
Mr. Hashimoto Attacks Japan's Constitution  橋下氏、日本国憲法を攻撃
3450 Lawrence Repeta, Glenda S. Roberts
Immigrants or Temporary Workers? A Visionary Call for a “Japanese-style Immigration Nation”  移民か、短期労働者か−−日本型移民国家への呼びかけ
3244 Lawrence Repeta
Transfer of Power at Japan's Justice Ministry
3147 Lawrence Repeta
U.N. Committee Faults Japan Human Rights Performance, Demands Progress Report on Key Issues
3023 Lawrence Repeta
Aso Revelations on Wartime POW Labor Highlight the Need for a Real National Archive in Japan [Official Documents Appended] [Japanese Translation Available]
2641 Lawrence Repeta
Foreign Ministry Failure to Provide Documents on 1965 Japan-Korea Normalization Pact is Illegal: Tokyo Court
2567 Lawrence Repeta, T. Yasuda
Citizenship at Stake. U.S. Records Prove Paternity; Japanese Ministry Denies Access to Records
2355 Lawrence Repeta
Politicians, Teachers and the Japanese Constitution: Flag, Freedom and the State